Make Me Laugh: The first 100 comics (pdf)

Paul Brodie
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Make Me Laugh: The first 100 comics (pdf) is a collection of the first 100 comics (plus 6, how's that for a bonus?) from Paul Brodie's Monday Morning Make Me Laugh series on his blog at

Paul's cartooning style combines the humorous observations, clever wordplay, and pop-culture references with stickman drawings and Microsoft Paint. Where he lacks in drawing capability he makes up for in humor. 

This PDF comic collection is an adapted version of the paperback version of Make Me Laugh: The first 100 comics which will be available soon (October 2013) through the and stores. The paperback version will include some humorous commentary in addition to the comics. 

For less than the cost of an extra value meal at most fast food establishments you can have Paul Brodie's first 100 comics at your fingertips, via an electronic device. It'll be healthier than that extra value meal and much, much more satisfying in the long run. Enjoy!
  • Size
    45.9 MB
  • Length
    110 pages
  • Size45.9 MB
  • Length110 pages
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Make Me Laugh: The first 100 comics (pdf)

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